Te Heke Mai programme

The Journey into Training

Pūkenga Ako Ā Mahi

Regular check-ins keep your journey on track

Daily, weekly or monthly check-ins show how well things are going. Your feedback help us to support you throughout your journey, and can highlight areas that need more focus.


Here to support and connect you to a range of training opportunities

We can support you on the specific learning or training journey you are on. Our team can also help connect you to accesible learning opportunities to upskill in the industry you are interested.

Courses you can start right now

There are a range of free online courses available to you right now. The Te Heke Mai team can help to identify the right courses for you. Get started by checking out these courses offered here that cover a range of essential employability skills in quick and fun modules.

Personalised support

A coach is always available

A professional coach is just a message, email, or phone call away if you need advice, help solving something, or just a check-in chat. They will also regularly check in with you to address your feedback and help keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Personalised support

Helps to track and manage your journey

Te Heke Mai allows you to track your journey, progress, and growth through your journey. Designed to help you get the most out of your current experience, and develop new skills to use going into the future.

Take a look around

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Ready to get started?

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How Te Heke Mai helps

Te Heke Mai multi device

Clear expectations

Helps you to get clear goals based on what is important to you at each stage of your journey.

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Celebrates success

Big or small, we are here to celebrate each achievement and milestone you hit.

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Empathetic support

We are here to get to know you and your situation, so we can provide the best support tailored to you.

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Regular feedback

Frequent reflections and check-ins help to keep you on track.

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Encourages communication

Support to have open conversarions, develop communications skills, and maintain self-awareness.

Te Heke Mai multi device

Enhances connection

Technology supports human connections and support system in ways you wouldn't usually have in the offline world.