Te Heke Mai programme

Welcome to Te Heke Mai

Te Heke Mai is here to help you get a great start in your new job. It’s an app that acts like a support buddy, backed by a team of coaches who you can chat with whenever you want.

Keys to success

Helps you know what to do at work

Te Heke Mai will help take some of the stress out of starting a new job by showing you what’s important to do at work – your Keys to Success.

Regular check-ins keep track of how you’re going

Daily, weekly or monthly check-ins help you see what’s going well and give you a chance to ask for help if you need it.

Personalised support

Caring coaches back you up

A coach regularly checks in with you to see how you’re going. And you can call, email or message them anytime you need help, or even just a kōrero.

Personalised support

Gives a real-time view of your progress

Your newsfeed celebrates your achievements, shows how you’re progressing and gives you helpful tips and info.

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How Te Heke Mai helps

Te Heke Mai multi device

Gives you clear goals

Your app sets out what’s important at work, from day one.

Te Heke Mai multi device

Regular feedback encourages communication

Reviews and check-ins mean you always know where you stand and how you’re doing.

Te Heke Mai multi device

You get understanding and support

Share the highs and lows of your new work journey with your own Te Heke Mai coach.

Te Heke Mai multi device

Celebrates your success

Big or small, your milestones and achievements are celebrated.